About Us

TDA, established under the Ministry of Finance, plays a crucial role in fuelling Malaysia’s economic and technological growth via the Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP), that acts as a bridge between local industries and international technology leaders.

By identifying strategic sectors needing advancement, TDA connects them with optimal partners possessing the expertise and experience to fill the gap. This collaborative approach empowers Malaysian companies to acquire essential knowledge and enhance their global competitiveness.

The ICP process goes through rigorous audits ensuring genuine commitment to technology adoption, while a stringent selection process guarantees only the most impactful collaborations receive ICP support. Ongoing project monitoring and comprehensive support foster successful knowledge transfer and sustainable growth, propelling participating companies towards international recognition.

The ICP’s success stories are evidence of its transformative power. From driving innovation and creating high-skilled jobs to forging Malaysia’s path as a regional technological leader, the programme’s impact is undeniable.


ICP is a Malaysian government initiative designed to:

  1. Boost national technology development by connecting local companies with government procurement needs, ICP encourages technology transfer and local technology development and produce local expertise in public projects. This helps build a stronger and more competitive domestic tech sector.
  2. Ensure value-added procurements where ICP prioritises projects that offer additional benefits beyond just the purchase of goods or services. This could include technology transfer, skills development, or job creation.
  3. Maximise cost-effectiveness where ICP focuses on finding the most cost-effective solutions for government needs, while still ensuring high quality and value. This benefits both the public sector and the companies involved.
  4. Foster collaboration where ICP encourages partnerships between government agencies, private companies, and research institutions. This collaborative approach can lead to more innovative and effective solutions.

The ICP is a win-win programme that benefits both the Malaysian government and the private sector. It helps drive technological advancement, create jobs, and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of government procurement.


ICP Impact Area

Procurement Sectors

Government funded procurement covered following area:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy Security
  • Food Security
  • Transportation/ Urbanization

ICP Project that from various discipline of knowledge such as below:

  • MRT Laluan Putrajaya
  • Klang Valley Double Track
  • Offshore Patrol Vehicle Supply
  • PDRM AW139 Helicopters

Beyond Procurement: Collaborate, Innovate, Thrive


TDA plays a crucial role in overseeing all ICP projects in Malaysia and ensuring that these partnerships deliver maximum value economically and technologically for Malaysia.

Supporting Strategic Growth

TDA actively identifies critical technology needs within strategic sectors and assesses local industry capabilities. This allows us to tailor ICP projects that address specific gaps and foster national development. By rigorously auditing technology recipients and evaluating ICP proposals, we guarantee only the most impactful projects receive the green light.

Optimizing Value for Money

For the Government of Malaysia, TDA serves as a valuable tool to optimise “value for money” in public procurement. Through structured ICP collaborations with high-value suppliers and OEMs, we leverage their expertise and resources to deliver additional benefits for the country. This can include technology transfer, skills development, and local job creation.

Creating Job Opportunities and New Businesses

Those suppliers/OEMs being awarded with high value procurement bid are obligated to assist the Government by way of developing local industries which shall create job opportunities and new businesses development. This is where the suppliers/OEMs are to deliver the obligations in compliance with the processes as stipulated in the Malaysia ICP Management Framework.

By actively monitoring ICP implementations and auditing agreed-upon activities, TDA safeguards the integrity and effectiveness of these programmes. We are committed to driving progress, fostering innovation, and ensuring that ICP delivers on its promise of a brighter future for all Malaysians.