Track 3B Program Impact Analysis

Clean Coal-Fired Power Plant Track 3B is the project under procuring agency Jimah East Power Sdn. Bhd. (JEP). The ICP provider for this project is Toshiba Energy Systems Solutions Corporation (TESSC). The ICP duration for this program is 72 Months. This program addresses two ICP categories: Transfer of Technology and Human Capital Development. One of the highlights of this project is the acquisition of the Hide Fidelity Coal Fired Supercritical simulator received through this project is considered an exceptionally high-impact project from an industry perspective. This simulator, which is the only clean coal-fired plant simulator in the country, will be entirely operated by Malaysians with the cost of RM9.6 million borne by the provider as part of their obligation under ICP.

This program also includes three offset projects under this ICP Program, the supply of simulators, the transfer of technology (TOT) to TNB REMACO and TNB ILSAS, and human capital development (HCD) through the use of simulators by local institutes to conduct training and learning sessions on the operation and control system of coal-fired power plants.

This new capability is expected to result in a reduction of operation and maintenance costs by 10% to 15%, which amounts to nearly RM500k over the next decade. As for Human Capital Development, 30 students from UiTM, Politeknik, and UNITEN have received hands-on training worth RM365k. This valuable experience could reduce their learning curve by roughly 50% (from 12 months to an average of 6 months) when they begin their careers, which would be beneficial for both the industry and the country. By shortening the learning process, the project can also save the organization RM0.7 million in training costs. This is a direct cost saving for the organization and can contribute to the overall financial health of the company.

In addition, the government also has saved RM10 million in costs for human capital development through the following initiatives: The development of a High Fidelity Coal Fired Supercritical simulator, which includes software, hardware, accessories, and related facilities. Training for local industries in the development, operation, and maintenance of the simulator. Training for local universities and institutions on the functionality of the simulator. Hence, these projects have the potential to deliver significant benefits for the organization, including cost savings, improved efficiency, and better performance.


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