MMEA-ICP Impact Analysis

MMEA-ICP increases local capability in the marine industry.

MMEA Industrial Collaboration Program (ICP) is a program under Procuring Agency Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA). The ICP Provider for this program is Destination Marine Service Sdn. Bhd. The ICP duration for this program is 66 Months. This program has been successful in addressing the government’s initiatives to enhance local capability in Ship Building and Ship Repair (SBSR).

Under this program, there are three projects which are, Collaboration with UTM MTC, Domestic Direct Investment, and Training & Human Capital Development. Through this program, the government has saved RM26 million in human capital development spending. UTM MTC can now perform ship model making and testing, as well as research and development in various areas of marine technology, through ICP. Through industrial training, three students from UiTM, IKBN, and RENACO acquire human capital development.

In addition, this program gives added value in upgrading UTM MTC capabilities to conduct R&D projects in various fields of marine technology. It also reduces the national cash outflow of RM13 million for 150 models. Other than that, the learning process has been reduced from 12 months to 6 months of training duration and saved RM63k in training costs. The DMSB’s investment in upgrading its facilities has created a business opportunity worth RM600 million for ten (10) years.

These initiatives can lead to increased competitiveness, cost savings, and economic growth in the marine industry.


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