Collaboration Opportunities to Enhance Healthcare Procurements

Technology Depository Agency (TDA) delegation led by Ir. Ts. Mohd. Razif Samsudin, Head of Industry Intelligence Department under Industry Advisory Division (IAD) has visited Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM). The visit aims to learn more about CRM processes in facilitating clinical trial studies in Malaysia as well as potential industry collaboration for future procurements related to healthcare.

The areas that CRM is currently focusing on are mainly related to clinical trial processes as well as training and raising awareness on the benefit of conducting clinical trials in Malaysia. Based on the discussion, some suggestions have been given for CRM to consider that can be leveraged in the ICP Programme to cater their current gaps in the related focus area.

Overall, this participation has given tremendous insight into the significance of clinical trials for patient care as well as Malaysia’s economic development. In the future, TDA will hold engagement meetings with CRM to discuss potential collaborations and partnerships that can benefit the industry and nation


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