Technology Depository Agency Berhad (TDA) and SIRIM Berhad Strengthen Collaboration to Drive Industry Development and Technological Advancement

Technology Depository Agency Berhad (TDA) and SIRIM Berhad Strengthen Collaboration to Drive Industry Development and Technological Advancement

Langkawi, 23 May 2023 Technology Depository Agency Berhad (TDA) and SIRIM Berhad are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at fostering cooperation and promoting technological advancement within Malaysia. The MOU exchange took place during the prestigious Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 2023, underscoring the commitment of both organizations to propel industrial growth and innovation.


The primary objective of this MOU is to establish a strategic partnership between TDA and SIRIM, focusing on several key areas of collaboration. Firstly, the two entities will work together to facilitate and promote the Industry Collaboration Program (ICP) in alignment with the policies and guidelines set by the Government of Malaysia. This program serves as a vital catalyst for national industry development and facilitates global strategic cooperation.


Moreover, TDA and SIRIM aspire to become strategic partners in technology development and enhancement initiatives, empowering industry sectors to optimize their capacities and capabilities on the global stage.


Recognizing the significance of knowledge sharing and networking, TDA and SIRIM will collaborate in organizing seminars, talks, sharing sessions, and relevant forums to promote the ICP and identify technology and industrial needs, fostering innovation and sustainable industrial growth.


Furthermore, SIRIM will provide valuable assistance to industry sectors through services such as testing, inspection, calibration, product development, training, consultancy, accreditation, and certification, enhancing the capabilities and quality of Malaysian industries.


To ensure continuous improvement and technological progress, SIRIM will conduct technology audits and intervene where necessary, addressing technological gaps and challenges faced by industries, ultimately driving technology adoption, process optimization, and overall industrial performance.


Dr. Sharoul Jambari, CEO of TDA, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “This MOU represents a significant milestone in our pursuit of technological advancement and industry growth in Malaysia. By forging a strategic partnership with SIRIM, we aim to enhance the competitiveness of our industries and foster a thriving technology ecosystem. Through joint efforts, we will propel Malaysia towards becoming a global technology leader.”


The signing of the MOU between TDA and SIRIM Berhad, witnessed by  Deputy Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry Liew Chin Tong, marks a significant milestone in the advancement of technology and industrial development within Malaysia. This partnership sets the stage for enhanced collaboration, innovation, and progress, supporting the nation’s industries in thriving on the global stage.


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