Unlocking Potential: TDA and MAIA Collaborate to Fuel Transformation in Malaysia’s Aerospace Sector

Langkawi, 24 May 2023 – The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2023 (LIMA 2023) bore witness to a historic event, as the Technology Depository Agency Berhad (TDA) and Malaysia Aerospace Industry Agency (MAIA) ceremoniously exchanged Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This significant occasion signifies a substantial leap towards strengthening collaborations and propelling the aerospace industry in Malaysia to new heights.

Distinguished representatives, including Dr. Sharoul Jambari, the Chief Executive Officer of the TDA, and Naguib Mohd Nor, the President of the MAIA, graced the MOU exchange ceremony at LIMA2023. This ceremonial exchange serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of these organizations to foster innovation, forge robust partnerships, and cultivate unparalleled growth within the aerospace sector.

The primary objective of this MOU is to establish a collaborative framework that enables the identification of avenues for development, facilitation, and promotion of collaborations between the parties involved. Anchored in mutual benefit, this collaboration seeks to provide comprehensive technical and non-technical advice, facilitate technology and knowledge sharing, and drive the seamless development of the aerospace industry. Leveraging the Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP) platform, this partnership is poised to unlock unprecedented opportunities for growth and progress.

Reflecting on the profound significance of this collaboration, Dr. Sharoul Jambari, CEO of TDA, expressed his utmost enthusiasm, stating, “The exchange of MOUs with the Malaysia Aerospace Industry Agency (MAIA) marks a pivotal milestone in our journey to fortify the aerospace industry in Malaysia. Through this transformative collaboration, we endeavor to harness the potential of the Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP) platform, fostering innovation, enhancing technical capabilities, and unlocking new avenues of growth for the local industry.”

Under the MOU, TDA and MAIA have established a comprehensive framework that encompasses joint initiatives and proactive measures, further amplifying the development of Malaysia’s aerospace industry. This collaborative venture, fortified by the Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP), acts as a catalyst, propelling this partnership forward. By synergizing their respective expertise, resources, and extensive networks, both organizations are steadfastly committed to driving advancements in research and development, fostering skill development initiatives, and unlocking enhanced market access within the industry. This concerted effort paves the way for novel opportunities within the local aerospace ecosystem while reinforcing Malaysia’s competitiveness on the global stage.

Dr. Sharoul Jambari added, “Through this MOU, we will proactively engage in ICP programs managed by TDA to invigorate the development of strategic local industries. Our focus will be on facilitating technology acquisition and matching, and when necessary, expediting commercialization activities to bolster the development of locally-based products, seamlessly aligning with the ICP Program. Furthermore, we will fervently encourage MAIA members to pursue OEM approval, enabling them to participate in the manufacturing and MRO supply chains, with the OEM serving as the ICP provider to an ICP Program.”

The momentous MOU exchange at LIMA2023 signifies a significant milestone in the journey of these esteemed organizations. It reinforces their resolute commitment to driving the growth of Malaysia’s aerospace industry through strategic partnerships, technological advancements, and the seamless exchange of knowledge. By combining their strengths and harnessing the power of the ICP platform, TDA and MAIA are poised to unlock unprecedented opportunities, propelling the aerospace industry to new heights.


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