Leading the Charge: TDA welcomes Yang Berhormat Sim Tze Tzin, MP as thenew Chairman

We are thrilled to share the recent visit by YB Sim Tze Zin as the new Chairman of TDA since his official appointment last 15 May 2023. YB Sim’s arrival marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter as he joins the TDA family, bringing with him a wealth of experience (both in industry and public service), vision and dedication to drive technological advancement and foster fruitful collaborations.

The commencement of YB Sim’s tenure was celebrated with an insightful TDA sharing session with Senior Management of TDA with regard to the Industrial Collaboration Program (ICP) and Performance Based Contract (PBC) for Government Procurements. During this session, YB Sim provided valuable insights, clarifying the responsibilities of each division within TDA and reinforcing the agency’s commitment to achieving excellence in technological innovation and collaboration.

YB also took the time to visit every level of the organization, personally connecting with each member of the TDA family. By fostering open communication and building relationships at all levels, YB Sim demonstrated his commitment to creating a cohesive and dynamic team


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