ICP Triggers Strategic Collaboration Between TDA, Datasonic, and UiTM in Developing Competencies Against Cybersecurity Threats

SHAH ALAM, 22 SEPT 2023 – A new Center of Cybersecurity was officiated by Dr. Sharoul Jambari, Chief Executive Officer of the Technology Depository Agency (TDA) at the College of Computing, Informatics and Mathematics Studies (KPPIM), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). The facility, which will also become the Cybersecurity Center at UiTM, is one of the projects that arose from government procurement under the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) and has been required to fulfill the obligations of the Industrial Collaboration Program (ICP). The facility was developed by Datasonic Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (DTSB) as the ICP provider and the project was aimed at improving local efficiency in preventing cybersecurity threats.

The laboratory equipped with advanced equipment and software specialized in the field of cybersecurity has been developed with three main focuses which include technology and knowledge transfer, human capital development, as well as research and development (R&D) and commercialization.

Through the procurement by KDN that exceeds the threshold value for the need to implement ICP, DTSB as an ICP provider has agreed to upgrade the cybersecurity laboratory at KPPIM, UiTM so that the existing laboratory can be used as a response and prevention hub for cybersecurity threats. While TDA, which is the ICP authority, has taken on the role of managing and monitoring the implementation of this project in line with the ICP policy that has already been outlined by the Ministry of Finance (MOF).

In the effort of supporting the 4th Pillar of Malaysia’s Cybersecurity Strategy 2020-2024, there is a need to strengthen capacity development, awareness, and education about cybersecurity. Therefore, this Cybersecurity Center will play a role not only in driving academic excellence, but also skills and strategic needs in cybersecurity and big data analytics.

Chief Executive Officer of TDA, Dr. Sharoul Jambari said, “This project is one of the good examples to illustrate how ICP can generate investment cooperation between universities and industry. With the technology and knowledge transfer process that has been carried out, we hope that this project will have an impact and return that gives added value to the country, especially in the field of cybersecurity.”

The Vice Chancellor of UiTM, YBhg. Professor Datuk Dr. Hajah Roziah Mohd Janor said, “The expert workforce resulting from this center will provide a secure cyber ecosystem and be able to defend cyber assets such as networks, information systems and programs or application systems from any threats such as data theft and cyber-attacks. This will in turn give an advantage to the national cybersecurity development and defense process and indirectly attract foreign investors to invest in Malaysia.”

In developing local capacity and expertise, the Cybersecurity Center also offers specific training that will empower local skills and talents. Among the training courses offered are the Data Analytics (BDA) course, the Security Operations Center (SOC) course, and the Certified Network Defender (CND). These certification courses are not only of international standard, but also cheaper by 25% to 40% as compared to the market price. In addition, this Cybersecurity Center can also be used by any ministry or government agency to conduct any course and training with the assistance of experts from UiTM.

In addition, the strategic collaboration in developing this Cyber Security Center has opened up space for the development of an application known as UiTM Digital Sandbox, a dashboard that will be commercialized. This application has been developed by researchers at UiTM together with DTSB which will work as a defense system to monitor any intrusion in the network of computer systems, and also detect any cyber threats.

“We hope that the launch of this project will be beneficial and will be utilized in the best way by each party in gaining practical experience and a practical overview of the latest technology that will strengthen the nation’s cyber defense collectively. It is also hoped that this project will produce a generation of cybersecurity experts who can safeguard our digital landscape,” said YBhg. Datuk Hanifah Nordin, Chief Executive Officer of Datasonic Group Berhad in his speech.


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