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TDA is an entity established under the prerogative of Ministry of Finance mandated as the custodian to operationalize the Malaysian Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP) Management Framework. As the Malaysia ICP Authority, TDA is to monitor, analyse and manage all ICP implementation in Malaysia.

In realizing the functions, TDA’s activity include the identification of the local technology needs in support of strategic sectors, local industry capability gaps, audit of technology recipients, evaluation of ICP proposals, monitoring of ICP implementations and audit of the agreed ICP activities implementation.
TDA is an avenue for the Government of Malaysia to maximize the ‘value for money’ on the public fund spent for a procurement programme. It is done through structured value-add activities that benefits the country leveraging on collaborative ICP endeavors with the suppliers or OEMs, those who are awarded by the Government of Malaysia with high value public procurement.

Those suppliers/OEMs being awarded with high value procurement bid are obligated to assist the Government by way of developing local industries which shall create job opportunities and new businesses development. This is where the suppliers/OEMs are to deliver the obligations in compliance with the processes as stipulated in the Malaysia ICP Management Framework.
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