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Vision, Mission And Goals

Our Vision

Preferred Partner for Strategic Collaboration

Our Mission

We optimize collaborative platform particularly ICP to maximize return for our stakeholders

Our Goals

  • Learning & Growth: Establishing a workforce that competent in their expertise area that applying professional conduct.
  • Customer: A recognized organization that is reputable, reliable, and relevant partner to the stakeholders.
  • Internal Business Process: Efficient processes equipped with digital operation and drive by a smart action plan.
  • Organization: To be an organization with sound financial strength in supporting stakeholders’ and national interest.
  • Environmental & Community: To create a balance work-life and significant Corporate Social Responsibility contribution
  • Staff Satisfaction: To maintain a highly motivated staff with low staff turnover

Corporate VALUE

  • Integrity
  • Cohesiveness
  • Professionalism

Our Guiding Principles

We shall be guided at all times by four (4) central guiding principle; DA'IS that will drive our commitment in delivering quality services to our stakeholders. Our distinctive principles provide a shared priority, code of conduct and governance in the way we do and deliver our work. These principles shall duly influence, guide and shape our operational performance in managing decisions and practices in pursuit of business excellence. These core values shall influence our actions in the day-to-day activity, in interfacing and interacting as ONE TEAM at TDA.


Disiplin (Discipline)
To uphold the rules and norms of the workplace and carry out our duties in an organized, consistent and professional manner.
Amanah (Trustworthiness)
To be accountable for our actions and act in a responsible manner in the course of discharging the duties
Ikhlas (Sincerity)
To perform our duties with total commitment and a clear conscience
Syukur (Gratefulness)
To be grateful to God for what we have and what we are able to do.


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