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21 Oct 2017

IDMS BandungSURABAYA, 20 September 2017 – Technology Depository Agency represented by Sharoul Jambari and Fatin Samsuri of ICP Intelligent Data Management System (I2DMS) Unit  attended the 3DExperience Forum organized by Dassault Systems held in Surabaya from 18 - 20 September 2017.

The main objectives of the participation are to gain new information and knowledge on modern infrastructures and digitalization development under the Dassault Systems applications; to expand TDA’s network with potential future partners regarding human capital, technology, and supply chain development; and to better understand the opportunities, challenges and risks involved in digitalization investment in order to integrate technical know-how and managerial knowledge to construct projects with effective implementation and execution especially for complex and largescale projects.

French ambassador, HE Jean-Charles Berthonnet, mentioned that strategic partnership between France and Indonesia has helped to build innovative cities in both nations by adapting with the advancements of technology.

The Mayor of Surabaya, Dr. (H.C). Ir. Tri Rismaharini, shared her vision of a paperless government that utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, providing internet connection that is free of any charges, and improved networking connection for better control and access especially towards the usage of the younger generations. She also aims to create transparency and improve accountability with the use of E-Payment solutions in many aspects of daily life.  She envisions that this will provide better planning for future projects especially on township developments thus creating better living conditions and environment. Lastly, the Mayor expressed her vision of a better life, cleaner environment, greener city, and how technology plays a role in realizing her vision through urban planning and data analytics.

A panel discussion session led by Mr. Masaki Sox Konno, the Managing Director of Asia Pacific South-Dassault Systems, focused on how Indonesian businesses are undergoing digital transformation to sharpen their competitive advantage in their respective industries. Each representative shared how the complexity and high impact projects can be effectively managed through the 3DExperiences application.

The presentation by the mayor of Makassar, Mr. Mohammad Ramdhan, showcased the smart city elements in Makassar that have been the point of evolvement towards an advanced integration of technology. Some examples shared were solar generated public transport and a centralized call center for complaints. He expressed his vision for Makassar as a smart city focusing on the use of data from the government to improve education and businesses whilst reducing corruption through the use of technology.

Mr. Alexandre Parilusyan, the Vice President of Worldwide Smart Cities-Dassault Systemes, claims that the 3DEXPERIENCECity is a 3D collaborative environment that federates all city data from sensors and systems. This will create a more defined and enhanced business relationship with citizens to work together thus improving cities. Officials use it as a ‘cockpit’ to analyze and manage city services and resources, as well as to virtually simulate ‘what if’ scenarios to optimize domains such as infrastructure, logistics and security.

The next panel discussion session led by Mr. Alexandre Parilusyan focused on the development of smart cities built on data with a special sharing by Singapore and their Virtual Singapore project. The discussion mostly explored the opportunities in how cities in Indonesia can replicate the Virtual Singapore project and gain benefits from it.

The presentation by Dr. Mohammad Rusydi, the Director of PT Palembang GMA Refinery Consortium (PGRC), has enlightened the crowd on how the 3DEXPERIENCE and DS as strategic partners came out with the digitalization and transformed a piece of land to become a well-structured living area.  PGRC selected DS’s platform to construct a virtual refinery as part of planning and management of the future state-of-the-art refinery, utilities, and storage facilities in Palembang.

This unique platform delivers powerful capabilities in design, simulation and optimizing the behavior of existing and future assets in a virtual environment for digital transformation. This yields a number of potential game changing benefits such as a single source of real-time data and experience-driven 3D model for a better collaboration; better prepared field workers through simulation thus mitigating risks while improving safety, lowering costs, and reduce downtime; robust production planning and scheduling features; and also a real-time view of the plant’s status.

A panel discussion session focused on the future of Indonesia’s energy sector, considers on how technology can be leveraged to power the value chain. The panel also discussed the importance of evolving human capital development in the energy industry in Indonesia.

As a conclusion, there are many things that can be learned and adapted into the market here in Malaysia from the discussions and demonstrations during the forum. Several way forwards that can be proposed are to leverage the example projects in Indonesia under DS’s solutions which can be used and applied to the Center of Excellence programs; replicate supply chain development strategies through digitalization approaches; extend diversify the IDMS features to utilize the database in developing smart cities much like what DS has done for Singapore and Indonesia.

Compiled by: Fatin Samsuri, I2DMS & International Programme

Written by:  Syafiq Sirajuddin, Corporate Communications

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