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13 Sep 2015

September 5-13th, 2015 – TDA has led a delegation to Thales facilities in France, Portugal and Spain for the assessment of facilities and equipment related to Signalling and Communication offered by THALES Communications and Security (TCS), to the Rail Centre of Excellence (RCOE) initiative as part of the 8X8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicle (AV-8) ICP programme. The Malaysian delegation comprised of representatives from the Ministry of Transport (MOT), Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) and MIGHT-Meteor Advanced Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (MMAM).

tda-francespain2The agenda of the visit was divided into three segments, including a comprehensive overview and background of THALES. More importantly, the team was taken for a visit to the Operation Command Center (OCC), related facilities and laboratory related to the program.

With the experiences and a direct interface with the head of units and its relevant employees, THALES briefed on their successes in the program and communicated their intention to further enhance their involvement with Malaysia through this initiative and other similar initiatives in the near future. More importantly, we believe that through this initiative, the Malaysian rail industry shall be benefiting through working together in building local capabilities and setting up local facilities/infrastructures in Malaysia.

In the short term, our initiatives shall be looking at the following items for TDA to consider implementing:-

i. A set of training modules targeting five (5) DSD (Department of Skills Development) skills from three (3) to seven (7) providing a broad view of the Rail industry, starting with the most basic but at the same time, the most critical subject - Safety;

ii. A train the trainers program including:
a. The trainings in Malaysia and Portugal;
b. The selection process of the local trainers; and
c. The assessment process of the local trainers during all the trainings.

iii. The delivery of a platform dedicated to the training to permit a hands-on training including:
a. Train Management System – Centralized Traffic Control module;
b. Electronic Interlocking – Train routing and safety insurance; and
c. Field Elements – Axle Counter, Point detection.

The whole duration of the delivery of the ICP project is 28.5 months.


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