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Audit and Compliance Department (ACD) Workshop 2020.

17 Sep 2020

ACD organised a workshop event, held in Movenpick Hotel and Convention Centre KLIA from the 17 until 19 Sept 2020. The event has brought together 24 TDA members including Top Management to hear and share ideas under the overarching theme of “ACD Reloaded 2020”.

ACD Reloaded was organised to relook at the governance aspect of ICP, which takes the role of TDA as the national’s ICP authority, as depicted in the ICP Policy and contracted mandate. Throughout the event, ICP Policy and Guidelines had been mostly referred to identify the compliance requirements containing in each clause.

As a result, 120 clause requirements were identified and a key indicator was assigned to these clauses together with the proposed measurement controls, currently called as “ICP Operating Standard” (IOS).

Summing up, the proposed concept of IOS has been agreed in principle to this workshop. It will be further developed, and fully implemented once it is ready as an effective instrument for the good governance of ICP.

Author:Wan Nuraryna Syahira Mohd Marzuki 
Wan Nuraryna Syahira Mohd Marzuki
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