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Courtesy Call To GIC, MOF

27 Jun 2020

MOF, 27th June - TDA led by Business & Corporate Management (BCM) team held a discussion with Government Invesment Companies Division Treasury Deputy Under-Secretary, YBhg. Dato’ Dr. Amirruddin Muhamed at his office, Ministry of Finance.

En. Azman Omar, Senior Director of BCM briefed Dato’ Amiruddin regarding TDA’s Objectives Achievements and how ICP has generated many benefits for local industry and economy.

BCM then consulted Dato’ Amiruddin on the best approach to expand ICP to Government Linked Companies (GLC). Dato’ Amirruddin applauded this initiative and pledged his full support to TDA.

He mentioned that the government is on a mission to rejuvenate our economy and ICP is a vital tool to ensure that each and every investment made will give extra and beneficial return.

Author:Ahmad Raziz Rashid 
Ahmad Raziz Rashid
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