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Courtesy Call to Industry Collaboration Division, MOHE

02 Sep 2020

MOHE, 2 Sept 2020- TDA had the opportunity to pay a courtesy call to the office of Director of Community and Industry Collaboration Division, Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), YBrs. En. Mohd Sharil Bin Abdullah to discuss on the potential collaboration that can be reached between TDA and MoHE as a platform to pursue a collaboration between academia and TDA in the three main areas which are, R&D&C, Human Capital Development (HCD) and Transfer of Technology (ToT).

On this note, the Director highlighted on Graduates Employability (GE) which is the priority of the Higher Education to address the unemployment of graduates in Malaysia that seems bleak.

The head of Industry Intelligence (II), En. Anuar Mohd Noor who led the visit acknowledged the key points by MoHE and will work on this collaboration effectively and strategically.




Author:Ahmad Raziz Rashid 
Ahmad Raziz Rashid
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