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Electro Technical Officer (ETO) Batch 2

01 Aug 2019

Lumut, 1 August - 20 trainees under the Electro Technical Officer (ETO) Training program has started their technical training program in UniKL MIMET in Lumut, Perak, and will be completed in October 2019. This program is sponsored by MARA under their Professional Program. The participants consists of professionals from 6 shipping companies which are Eaglestar, MISC, Orkim, Efogen, Alam Maritim and Bintang Samudera. This initiative is a collaboration between TDA, Jabatan Laut Malaysia and MARA in support of the Malaysian Shipping Master Plan (MSMP 2017-2022). This is also a continuation of the ETO Progam Batch 1 previously sponsored by Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera where the participants are currently undergoing the modular training in Akademi Laut Malaysia.

Author:khairil syafiq 
khairil syafiq
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