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02 Oct 2015


October 2nd, 2015 – Our Malaysian delegation represented by Ministry Of Defense, Ministry of Finance and Technology Depository Agency (TDA) attended a three-day global offset conference held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The conference was organized by Global Offset and Countertrade Association (G.O.C.A). There were over 200 organization globally participated with 33 topics were presented during the three-day conference.

For over 25 years, the G.O.C.A has grown from less than ten U.S companies at its inception as the American Countertrade Association (ACA) to over 100 globally based companies engaged in countertrade and offset activities. The G.O.C.A sponsored worldwide meetings recently focusing on topics related to offset as countertrade are not really substantial to almost all participant countries for the past several years. The G.O.C.A sponsors semi-annual meetings in North America and Europe, often in cooperation with other similar professional associations, where member companies have an opportunity to engage in international networking and to gain supplementary information on countertrade and offset activities.

During G.O.C.A Fall Conference 2015 held from September 28th until October 1st, the Malaysian delegations have two separate missions that were successfully accomplished. Gathering information and networking remains the uppermost priority mission on this trip. More importantly, Malaysia is looking forward to host G.O.C.A for the first time, in the year 2017. Our secondary mission was to secure our interest and to witness the way of the conference was conducted. Our delegates managed to have a meeting with Dov Hyman, Chairman of G.O.C.A and discussed the way forward towards hosting 2017 conference in Malaysia.

tda-goca2CEO of TDA, Major (R) Zailani Safari has been honored to deliver a speech on the Benefit in Industrial Collaboration Program (ICP) for everyone. His presentation started with a short feature presentation promoting Malaysia and continued further with a technical presentation on how Malaysia implements the ICP program in a very structured manner. The presentation merely illustrates Malaysia’s ICP framework as one of the most structured and effective program in the world.

Several constructive meetings were also conducted during the two-day conference in Philadelphia. Our delegates were invited by the team from United States Department of State Bureau of Political-Military Affairs. The main agenda was an inclusive briefing on the new ruling of U.S Defense towards the licensing and authorization on the new military related procurement from the U.S OEMs and the endorsement of current national assets procured from the U.S.

Our delegates also had a industrious discussion with Dr. Banu Onaral from Drexel University, with regards to the potential technology development collaboration between our two countries.  In addition to that, our team also had an excellent session with Mr Ivan Baran, the Global Offset Director from Hewlett Packard Enterprise on the subject of an investment HP projects as a potential pre-ICP (Industrial Collaboration Program) programs. Several informal discussion were also conducted towards the end of the GOCA, virtuously exploring the future potential collaborative between TDA with other organization as well as Malaysia with other countries.


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