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Article: GOCA Knowledge Sharing Session is NOT about Marginalising OEMS

05 Jun 2018

Written by:  Lindsey Shanson, CTO

Separate intergovernmental "knowledge sharing sessions" (KSSs) have become a fixture at GOCA conferences.  Representatives of the offset authorities of sixteen countries discussed their policies at the Paris conference.  Thirty-one delegates took part.

The KSS is a platform established to enable offset authorities from many countries to share experiences and challenges, and explore improvements.  The session's organiser, Dato' Zailani Safari, CEO of Malaysia's Technology Depository Agency (TDA), summarised the meeting in his presentation for delegates attending the main conference assembly.

A delegate raised concerns that rather than develop best practices, the KSS would result in a "worst case scenario" for contractors.  Multipliers would decrease and penalties increase.  Dato' Zailani sought to allay such concerns.

"We have established a meeting point between the authorities and the OEMs, so that in this case, yes, we can develop and establish our best practice, but we have to have input from the industrial base as well.  Otherwise we are on our own," he explained.

The KSS, he made clear, has three key objectives: to establish a platform where IP government representatives can share their experiences and challenges in implementing IP; to find common ground; and to identify where a nation's needs and the OEM's expectations coincide.

For instance, at recent KSS interchanges a number of subjects discussed the best way to manage multipliers and penalties, and how to make the most of technology transfer at milestones.  Causality was also discussed.

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