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The Committees

The ICP implementation in Malaysia is supervised by various committees which function as the overseer.
The highest level of ICP Committee in Malaysia, assisted by the Government Procurement Division, Ministry of Finance as the secretariat.
A committee established at the Agency level that oversees the implementation of the ICP, assisted by the Undersecretary Procurement Division of the procuring Ministry (or its equivalent if the procurement is made by the STU) as the secretariat.
A committee formed at the IMU level at the respective Agency, assisted by the IMU as the secretariat.
A committee formed at the procuring Agency to conduct evaluation on the proposed ICP, assisted by TDA as the secretariat.

The Reporting Channel

The current ICP Policy has specified the reporting channel with a clear segregation of roles and functions for monitoring and information consolidation purposes. Ministry of Finance is the highest authority that manages the ICP implementation assisted by TDA for the ICP Policy operationalization.
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