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ICP Strategy for Malaysian Rail Industry

24 Mar 2016



  • To brief local industries on ICP for National Rail Industry
  • To get feedback and inputs from industry players on the proposed ISD
  • To maximize local industry involvement in ICP programme

ICP Strategy Document (ISD)

  • Provides strategic direction for all ICP programmes originating from government procurement
  • A GoM owned guideline for developing the ICP Requirement Document (IRD)
  • Identifies technology focus areas, to match market and industry landscape

ISD Development Consideration 


[/fusion_text][accordian divider_line="" class="" id=""][toggle title="Current Rail Industry Scenario " open="no"][fusion_tabs design="clean" layout="vertical" justified="yes" backgroundcolor="#ddab5f" inactivecolor="" bordercolor="#ffffff" class="" id=""]
[fusion_tab title="SUPPLY VS. CAPABILITY " icon=""]p1_2[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title="STRUCTURE OF MALAYSIAN RAIL INDUSTRY " icon=""]p1_3[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title="NATIONAL RAIL INDUSTRY ICP STATUS" icon=""]p1_4[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title="CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES" icon=""]p1_5[/fusion_tab]
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There are 3 goals outlined in the raodmap

REAL-ICP-STRATEGY-GOALS[/toggle][toggle title="The Way Forward " open="no"]ICP STRATEGY AND THROUGH LIFE SUPPORT

ICP strategy for the rail industry is the embodiment of through life support concept for Strategic future government purchases of rail equipment enabling localisation of rail equipment and services.

[fusion_tabs design="clean" layout="vertical" justified="yes" backgroundcolor="#ddb271" inactivecolor="" bordercolor="#ffffff" class="" id=""]
[fusion_tab title="THROUGH LIFE SUPPORT " icon=""]
1.An integrated and iterative process to developmaterialand a support strategy
2.Leverages existing local resources
3.Life cycle cost quantification & reduction at project start
4.Increases efficiency for local support of product through entire life (MRO)
5.Product life extension capability THROUGH-LIFE-SUPPORT[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title="ICP STRATEGY COMITMENT " icon=""]Malaysia must acquire complete MRO capability and independence for rail operations through active local industry participationICP-STRATEGY-COMITMENT[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title="3 KEY DRIVERS OF THE ICP STRATEGY " icon=""]3-KEY-DRIVERS-OF-THE-ICP-STRATEGY[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title="ICP STRATEGY GOALS" icon=""]There are 3 goals outlined in the Roadmap There-are-3-goals-outlined-in-the-Roadmap[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title="CONCLUSIONS" icon=""]
1.Local major technology capabilities in Malaysia are still not fully utilized
2.Further effort required to realize the national rail ICP strategy
3.Complete operations and MRO Autonomy is aspired
4.Through Life Support is the way forward [/fusion_tab]

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