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Inspection of Bogie Assembly and Site Visit to Hartasuma Facility

05 Oct 2021


Hartasuma (HSB) Sdn Bhd hosted representatives from Prasarana and Rapid KL at their facility in Pulau Indah for the inspection of bogie assembly for the new Kuala Lumpur Additional Vehicle (KLAV) 27 Train 09 and train 10. KLAV 27 trains are the new four-coach Innovia Metro 300 for the Kelana Jaya Light Rail Transit route procured by Prasarana Berhad from Bombardier Hartasuma Consortium (BHC).

KLAV 27 all bogie assembly works for Train 09 until Train 27 will be performed locally by Hartasuma. This is part of the BHC’s contractual obligation under the Ministry of Finance’s Industrial Collaboration Program (ICP) under the purview of Technology Depository Agency (TDA) Berhad.

The assembly of the bogie is a crucial part of technology transfer and promotes strategic knowledge development to enhance local expertise and capabilities.

All the participants were required to comply with Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) to enter the facility; completed second vaccination dose at least 14 days prior to the visit and tested negative with the COVID-19 test performed not more than 14 days prior to the visit. During the site visit participants follow Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirement such as face mask, safety shoes, reflective vest, and hard hat/bum cap.

The event started off with introduction meeting followed by safety briefing. During the introduction meeting participants were briefed with opening presentation and product introduction overview. Site visit started after a short tea break with walkabout and inspection revolving bogie assembly workstation #1 - #6 and final product inspection. The site visit was ended with a closure meeting whereby participants provided their feedback on the bogie assembly works.

ICP Project Details

Adhering to the MOF’s ICP Policy and Guideline Malaysia, BHC is obligated to conduct the ICP Project according to the ICP Management Framework processes.

ICP Program

Design, Manufacture, Supply, Delivery, Testing & Commissioning and Warranty of Twenty-Seven (27) Sets of New 4-Car Train, Upgrading of Wayside Systems and Other Related Works for Kelana Jaya Line (KLAV-27)

ICP Project Title

DP5: Assembly and Installation Works of Bogie for KLAV27 Trains Sets (Transferred Scope from BT Mexico to Malaysia)

ICP Provider

Bombardier Hartasuma Consortium

ICP Recipient

Hartasuma Sdn Bhd


BHC to transfer bogie assembly works from BT Site in Sahagun, Mexico to Malaysia where HSB will carry out the assembly of 152 units of bogies for Train 9 to Train 27 at HSB plant in Malaysia.

  • Bogie kits will be shipped out from Bombardier Transport (BT) Sahagun, Mexico
  • HSB will be in charge for the bogie kits storage and logistic (in-bound and out-bound)
  • HSB employees assigned for the assembly activities will be solely under the supervision of BT Malaysia and the Process and Quality & Assurance of the assembly will be based on BT Standard Production
  • Training for the HSB employees will be provided by BT Malaysia supported by BT Mexico from Sahagun
  • Each completed Assembled bogie will be inspected by BT Malaysia’s QA & QC before installation onto the train at the designated KLAV27 bay. The bogie will then be transferred from the Bogie Assembly area to KLAV27 bay using a bogie transporter

Intended ICP Project Outcome

  • To allow transfer of knowledge and know-how to local beneficiary on the assembly of the Bogie
  • To encourage participation and to improve development of local supplier/vendor
  • To provide and localize work scopes; such as hiring local employees, assembly of jigs & fixtures, tools and related contracting services

Hartasuma introduction meeting; opening presentation and product introduction
Hartasuma facility safety briefing prior to site visit

Bogie assembly workstation (1)

Bogie components installation (1)

Bogie assembly workstation (2)

Bogie components installation (2)

Author:Wan Nuraryna Syahira Mohd Marzuki 
Wan Nuraryna Syahira Mohd Marzuki
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