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National Rail Industry Development Program Workshop Day 2

04 Jul 2019

4 July, Putrajaya - NRIDP Workshop Day 2: Each team presented their views on how to elevate the Malaysian rail industry to it's highest potential. Many issues and concerns were highlighted but presenters even shared their possible solutions to address the issues. With a concluding remark from YBhg. Dato' Zailani Safari, CEO of TDA, the workshop was closed with high praise from all parties. The workshop closing ceremony was completed with a speech from YBhg. Dato' Jana Santhiran a/l Muniayan, Deputy Secretary General (Management) of MOT, in the presence of YBhg. Datuk Mohd Khairul Adib Abd Rahman, the Secretary General of MOT. Congratulations to all participants in making this workshop a success. May we strive to elevate the Malaysian Rail Industry to greater heights.

Author:khairil syafiq 
khairil syafiq
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