Management Team

Dr. Sharoul Jambari

Chief Executive Officer

Azrizal Marzaki

Chief Collaboration Officer

Anisah Seleman

Head of Industry Collaboration Division

Azhar Mohd Said

Head of Corporate Business Division

Anuar Mohd Noor

Head of Corporate Service Division

Mohamad Rafidi Mat Dahan

Head of Contract Advisory Division

Message from CEO

TDA is focusing on leveraging its strengths and experiences in ICP to support Government initiatives to spur economic growth for the nation. We are going to explore and venture into a new focus on outcome-based ICP projects based on the Concentrated and Impactful Outcome (CIO) approach. We must look at our common set of values, that form the basis for how we make each and every collaboration is efficient enough not only to give the best outcome for our stakeholders but for our nation as well.