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21 Nov 2017

BANGI, 25 October 2017 - TWA (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (TWAM) and Technology Depository Agency (TDA) launched the first and only Tamping Simulator in South East Asia today, graced by Deputy Minister of Transport Malaysia, YB Datuk Aziz Kaprawi.

TWAM is one of the ICP Providers to the ICP Project 4: On Track Machineries training under the procurement of Design, Manufacture, Supply, Delivery, Testing and Commissioning of New On-Track Machineries Project by the Ministry of Transport (MOT). The 09-3D and ALC Simulator is a technologically advanced equipment in the area of track maintenance, specifically in meeting the Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP) requirement. The recipients (KTMB and other potential recipients) will be introduced to Plasser and Theurer (P&T) tamping simulator and ALC Simulator. The simulator simulates operations of the tamping machine’s two works stations and is usable by maximum of two people at one time with practical use backed up by theoretical sessions in classroom.

Datuk Aziz said, “This collaboration between TWAM and KTMB is a result from the implementation of ICP that involves technical and know-how transfers between the two parties. This project will assist in developing the competitiveness of KTMB in improving productivity and cost saving particularly in the area of track maintenance. I am also proud to note that TWAM is the first in South East Asia to receive and apply such technology of Tamping Simulator by P&T”.

Datuk Taqi Mohamed Osman, Chief Executive Officer of TWAM said in his welcome speech, “For the past 30 years, our team had been entrusted by the MOT through KTMB to ensure safe and smooth operation of the Malaysian railways. TWA had steadily grown from a small, unknown company to being one of the industry leaders today. We believe that with solid technical expertise, good company management and strong financial standing, TWA is poised to further grow and prosper.”

Datuk Taqi also expressed his appreciation to TWA long time trusted partner, Plasser & Theurer Austria for providing high quality machines & services. It is TWA’s aspiration for Malaysia to become P&T’s Asian hub for its machine maintenance and services, as well as technical training.

The simulator includes a number of authentic parts from a P&T continuous-action tamper to create a realistic operating experience. These include the driving desk, control panel, driving seat with armrest-mounted controls, and foot pedals to control the tamping tines and ‘satellite' module. Developed with visual design specialist Volke, the 09-3D simulator recreates as far as possible a real tamping scenario covering plain line and renewals; settings can be adjusted to alternate between wooden and concrete sleepers. The trainer can also introduce a series of obstacles for the operator, such level crossings, inductive track magnets or cable ducts. Results detailing the speed and accuracy of each training session can be downloaded from the simulator's operating system in real time.

“The tamping simulator allows operator training to be carried out much quicker than it would be possible on-site, the users experience real time working environment without any risk of damaging the track and the machine, reduces training period and therefore a higher cost efficiency, analyses the operation and allowing the trainer and the participants to evaluate the simulated performance together, and to learn step by step how to tamp the track optimally,” said Roland Meisinger, Technical Manager of Plasser Far East.

Azrizal Marzaki, Senior Director, Programme Operation Division of TDA said in his speech, “The event we are witnessing today is really an outstanding achievement, aligned with the aspiration set under the ICP implementation. TWAM whom the supplier for New On-Track Machineries has delivered an ICP Project of Tamping Simulator Training. This project involves investment of the Plasser and Theurer 09-3D Tamping Simulator and ALC Simulator which valued at RM2.5 million and worth about RM13 million of ICV, is a breakthrough technological advancement in the area of track maintenance by TWAM”.

Meanwhile, TDA keeps on supporting the ICP providers. Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP) is a programme which consists of activities that add value to strategi procurements made by the Government of Malaysia, with an effective cost. ICP includes Economic Enhancement Programme (EEP), Counter Trade and Offset Programme. This is one of TDA initiatives among many more.

The benefits of ICP through EEP is creating more local companies in the field of manufacturing and services that involves usage of medium and high technologies to add value in supporting the development of industrial cluster in selected sectors. Countertrade on the other hand helps in counter purchase and buy back.

Other benefits of ICP is Offset Programme which consist of Direct Offset and Indirect Offset. Direct offset covers Training, Human Capital and Capability Development, Local Work Package, Transfer of Technology and Competency Development and Foreign Direct Investment while Indirect offset covers Transfer of Technology, Knowledge and Skills, Research, Development and Commercialisation (R&D&C), Local Contents, Global Market Access and Foreign Direct Investment.

TWAM & TDA hopes this initiative will assist industry players and student in updating their knowledge on the latest machine designs and the industry who require more thorough schooling in principles of track design and maintenance at TWAM Workshop.

Also presence at the event were Datuk Chua Kok Ching, Deputy Secretary-General, MOT; Datuk Mohd Azmi Mohd Amin, Managing Director, TWAM; Datuk Sri Azmi Abdul Aziz, President & Group CEO, MyHSR; YM Raja Khairul Anuar Raja Abdul Karim, Principal Assistant Secretary, Government Procurement Division, MOF; and representatives from ministries, agencies and private sectors.



Established in 2015 under the Ministry of Finance, Technology Depository Agency (TDA) is the responsible Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP) monitoring authority in Malaysia. TDA’s core function is to manage, administer, and monitor the implementation of ICP to further develop the local industry and the nation’s technology capabilities leveraging on strategic government procurement. TDA aims to create collaborative platforms with industry partners to maximise the potential of ICPs in line with the country’s national development agenda focusing on the identified strategic sectors.


TWA (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 17 November 2009 and was focusing on railway industry then. However, in recent years, due to market demands and new policies introduced by the government, TWAM have endeavored to expand business in the areas of green technologies, Oil & Gas industries and environment protection as well as medical equipment.

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