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Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing & Commissioning Of Automated Fare Collection System.

Procurement value: RM 120,000,000.00


OPProject TitleImpact/ Milestone
OP-1AFC Knowledge Transfer Programme• Knowledge transfer to TERAS engineers in in the area of Business Rules Simulator, AFC devices, system integration, central system Integration, Station drawings (MIMIC Technology).

• Value of training estimated to worth OCV value of RM22 million.
OP-2Local Sourcing• Award of work packages of RM 55 millions to local contractors.

• TERAS – RM39millions

• STRATEQ – RM13 millions

• IBS – RM3 millions

• Knowledge transfer and award of work packages to MSM to manufacture and assemble MRT entrance gates. Contract value of RM20 millions.
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