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Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing & Commissioning of 58-units of 4-Car Electric Train sets.

Procurement value: RM 1.223 Billion


OP-1Transfer of Know-How to Build an International Standard Assembly Plant• Knowledge transfer to SMH Rail on engineering design, assembly works and testing support on plant establishment worth of OCV value of RM190 million.
• Establishment of local assembly plant.
OP-2Engineering / Assembly / Testing Support and Local Assembly Works• Development of local talent and technical competencies in undertaking assembly works, train electrical works, mechanical engineering, communication, and testing.
• Partnership of Siemens and SMH Rail permits the latter to secure assembly work amounting to RM339 million of OCV value
OP_3Training of 30 Malaysian Engineers• MRT engineers and technicians benefited in term of human capital development in various technical and engineering trainings locally and oversea.
◦ Design mechanics
◦ Circuit designs
◦ Carbody engineering and outfitting
◦ Production planning and assembly
◦ Static testing, commissioning and dynamic testing
• The training is worth of OCV of RM 83 millions. 
OP_4Localization• Award of contract amounting of RM9.6 million to local company DK Composite Sdn Bhd to manufacture and supply of seats and cantilever.
• Award of contract amounting of RM1.2 million to local company MyLED Opto Sdn Bhd to manufacture and supply of LED lights and cable tree 
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