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As the ridership increasing every year, Prasarana need to increase their operation capacity. Thus, Prasarana procured 14 sets of 4-car new train to support their Kelana Jaya Line operation. This project has been awarded to Bombardier-Hartasuma Consortium on December 2012.

Offset Obligor : Bombardier Hartasuma Consortium (BHC)


Offset Proposal by BHCOffset Recipient
Project 1- Testing and Commissioning 
(Sub-contract and training)

• To perform static and dynamic testing on single car as well as 4-car train sets.
1. HSB
2. Prasarana
Project 2 – Localization of services 
(Sub-contract and training)

• Services are sub-contracted to local.
1. HSB
Project 3- Consultation on HSB’s Plant Upgrade 
(Knowledge transfer)

• Involve transfer of technology and know-how in setting up the plant upgrade to cater the new train production locally.
1. HSB
Project 4- Human Capital Development
• BT to provide Supplier Evaluation and Assessment Programme (SEAP) process training and project management.
1. Rapid Rail
2. HSB
Project 5– Staff Attachment
• Staff attachment to be implemented on the design work (current or other BT’s project) at Kingston for 3 months involving candidates from HSB and Prasarana
1. Prasarana
2. HSB
Project 6- Rail for Linear Induction Motor (MA)
BT is proposing a manufacturing of rail for LIM locally for potential regional market.
1. SA Pacific – DBS
Project 7- Localization
Localization of components.
1. Hartasuma (Interior Modification Work)

2. New Aluminium Trading (Window and windscreen)

3. BDC Corporation (Floor covering)

4. Flammart Marketing (Fire Extinguisher)

5. Evershine Project (Stanchion and seat structure)

6. Reactive Rubber & Plastic (Grab handles)

7. Interalink Techno (Seat)
Project 8- Market Access
• Supply of local parts and components to BT’s regional projects
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