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Refurbishment of 75 Coahes

Procuring Agency
Ministry of Transport (MOT)
Local Recipient
Padu Sedia Sdn. Bhd
Foreign Partnership
Logistics & Transportation
Project Status
In Progress
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Project Info

Ministry of Transport (MOT) has identified 125 passenger coaches from Keretapi Tanah Melayu berhad (KTMB) that will be going for refurbishment phase. Out of 125 coaches, Ministry of Transport (MOT) had appointed Padu Sedia Sdn. Bhd for the refurbishment of 75 coaches. The remaining 50 coaches will undergo another tendering process later.

Letter of Acceptance (LOA) has been issued by Ministry of Transport (MOT) on 19th October 2015 to Padu Sedia Sdn. Bhd for work scope with contract value worth of RM 121 million.

There are five (5) ICP proposal identified in the area as follow:

  1. Human Capital Development
  2. Development of Testing Facilities
  3. Localization/ Malaysian Local Content
  4. Research, Development & Commercialization
  5. Investment

Currently, this project is under negotiation process and ICP agreement is targeted to be signed in Quarter 1 2016.

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