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Bombardier (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd


Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing & Commissioning Of Signalling & Train Control System.

Procurement value: RM 281,314,655.00


OPProject TitleImpact/ Milestone
OP-1Staff Attachment• 3 engineers from MRT Corp and 1 from Global Rail were attached at Bombardier undertaking various on job training in railway signalling, installation test and commissioning with estimated OCV of RM 24 million.

•Based on latest assesment by Bombardier, 1 MRT engineer shows a very promising engineering knowledge and analytical skill development.
OP-2Training•OCV for the training is amounting to RM137 million.

•Knowledge transfer to local workforce in several areas related to engineering, system engineering, project management, independent safety assurance, EMC/EMI, installation, testing & commissioning, third level maintenance, training in railways and supply chain management
OP-3Ergonomics•Bombardier collaborates with Poly-M to provide human capital development for the UniKL students and lecturers on ergonomic design of control console through design and development and certification programme.

•Through the project, UniKL students had shows their talent to design and fabricate 3 prototypes of control consoles namely Consola, MOC and Enviro.

•OCV generated for this project is RM6 million.
OP-4Local Procurement• Procurement to local suppliers amounting to RM30.5 million for cables, panels and other hardware components and services.Expansion of local sourcing and co-production in high technology industry in Malaysia.
OP-5Local ManufacturingEventhough a manufacturing contract of RM109 million awarded to a MNC company, Plexus Manufacturing, there is a spin-off benefits to local SMEs and suppliers, beside generating jobs to Malaysian engineers for assembly of railway productStrategic partnership and market access
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