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Speech by Dato' Chua Kok Ching at the Signing Ceremony for ICP & Certificate Award for TTT Programme

16 Sep 2017



15 August 2016

Yang Berbahagia Lt. Kol. (Retired) Dato’ Haji Sarbini bin Tijan,

President, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB),


Yang Berbahagia Major (Retired) Zailani bin Safari,

Chief Executive Officer, Technology Depository Agency Berhad (TDA),


The organisers, representative of the industry players, medias,

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.


A very good morning and Salam 1Malaysia

  1. It is an honour for me to join you today, and be amongst such esteemed company of leading rail delegates in Malaysia and not to forget our counterparts in this industry, Thales Communication System, France and CRRC, Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co. Ltd. China which we actively engaged in developing the rail industry in Malaysia.
  1. The countertrade or offset or currently termed as ‘Industrial Collaboration Program’ (ICP) is set to maximise the undiscovered potential of the country’s procurement and at the same time enhancing the multiplier effect of Malaysian economy.
  1. It is delightful to note that the ICP succeeds to provide vast opportunities for collaboration with the developing countries in their respective area of experts.
  1. The vision, By 2030, Malaysia rail industry will be a strong and sustainable business, capable of satisfying the demands of the national rail transportation; and a competitive global player that optimises the use of indigenous resources and technologies. Based on the huge business opportunities, the Government is supporting the industry’s aspiration to advance to the next level
  1. The Rail Center of Excellence (RCOE) Program is one of the Malaysian strategies to enhance the development of local rail industry specifically in education and training.
  1. This initiative is supported by the government of Malaysia for the future rail development in Malaysia and ASEAN.
  1. Even though the rail industry has been established for more than 100 years but we are continuously committed to develop and enhance the local workforce capability for the railways development in Malaysia.
  1. As another milestone for this initiative, today we will see the graduation of 19 participants for the first phase of ‘Train the Trainer Program for Introductory Module of Signalling and Communication’ and I understand that the participants are the selected staff; lecturers, trainers, engineers, technicians from KTMB, Prasarana, Politeknik, Kolej Komuniti, UniKL and KISMEC.
  1. This ‘Train the Trainer’ program, or TTT in short, is a collaboration between the Government of Malaysia, through TDA and Thales, France resulting from the indirect ICP of Armored Vehicles (AV-8) acquisition by the government in 2010 for the Ministry of Defense.
  1. The second phase of the TTT will be conducted on 19 September, 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal for four (4) months. Thank you to Thales for their kindness to arrange for this training and to partly support us in terms of modules development, training equipment and logistics for 12 selected participants.
  1. Apart from that, the next agenda, the signing ceremony with local company through ASAP Mobility Sdn Bhd and the Republic of China through CRRC, ZELC, will derive for another collaboration in the area of Rolling Stock training program at Hunan Vocational College of Railway Technology (HVCRT), which will commence on 5 September, 2016 for 3.0 months.
  1. I must say that I am truly impressed with the current rapid development of rail industry in Malaysia.
  1. Lets go back to year 1856 when the first railway line was opened on 1 June that year. The railway line of 13km long ran between Port Weld and Taiping to transport tin from mines in the hinterland of the West Coast states of Peninsular Malaysia to coastal ports.
  1. The second line was opened a year later to link Kuala Lumpur, another center of tin-mining activities in the Klang Valley, Klang and subsequently to Port Swettenham currently known as Port Klang.
  1. If 20 to 30 years back we had only one (1) main operator with low frequency of intercity trains; and starting in the late 90’s, rail became the main transportation in Malaysia.
  1. Today we have 6 rails networks namely KLIA transit, Rapid KL (Putra), KTM Komuter, KTM Intercity and KL Monorail service.
  1. We are expecting MRT line 1 will be in operation by December 2016 and the biggest railways development will be the High Speed Rail (HSR) which the project will be started in 2017.
  1. The railway network covers 12 states in Malaysia. The network in Peninsular Malaysia is connected to the Thai railway network in the north. We foresee that if Myanmar Railway is rebuilt, services to Myanmar, India and China could be initiated.
  1. The timeline had illustrated the continuous relevance of the industry thus strategically placed Malaysia firmly on track to achieve the above network linkages by 2030.
  1. In addition to these significant impacts, the improvement of local rail industry will definitely benefit the ‘rakyat’ (society) and the nation by improving the income through projects and programs with high inclusiveness factors.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

  1. MOT will further facilitate the continued growth of rail industry infrastructures, undertake researches and to plan and coordinate development aspects of rail-based transport in order to create an efficient, economical and safe rail-based transport system.
  1. To ensure that rail-based transport development is in line with the socio-economic development of the country. To plan and establish a convenient rail-based transport system which will encourage the use of rail-based transport.
  1. MOT is continuously and consistently supporting the establishment of Rail Centre of Excellence (RCOE) managed by TDA for the industry needs.
  1. In closing, I would once again congratulate all the industry players for the efforts shown so far, and congratulation also to all the TTT participants for being awarded in the completion of the first phase.
  1. For the selected 12 participants who will continue the Advanced training in Portugal, we wish you all the best. Take the experience, explore the learning point as much as you can. For those who are not selected, please also continue the spirit.
  1. Remember, you are the chosen one, the medium of the national technology transfer. Take this opportunity to learn, develop and enhance our knowledge in railways technology in order to train our local workforces for our industry demand. You will be the pioneered trainers of the first RCOE’s development courseware on Signaling & Communication systems.
  1. The country is counting on each of you to create successful future leaders in this industry.
  1. On this note, I would like to thank again for inviting me to this event and without further ado, I call upon the emcee to continue with the next agenda.
  1. Thank you.


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