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Speech by Dato' Zailani Safari at the Memorandum of Collaboration Signing Ceremony between TDA-Pharmaniaga-Hilleman Lab

30 Sep 2018







05 December 2017 | Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur



Yang Berhormat, Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam, Menteri Kesihatan, Malaysia

Yang Berusaha Encik Zairi Mat Ali, Timbalan SUBPK Kementerian Kewangan

Yang Berbahagia, Tan Sri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin, Pengerusi Pharmaniaga Berhad,

Dr Davinder Gill, Hilleman Laboratories, India

Dato’-Dato’, tuan-tuan, puan puan para jemputan yang dihormati, rakan media,

Assalammualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, Salam Sejahtera, Salam 1 Malaysia dan selamat pagi.

Izinkan saya untuk menyampaikan ucapan ini dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

  1. First and foremost, allow me to welcome and express my deepest appreciation to our Guest of Honour, Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, Minister of Health Malaysia for spending time off his hectic and very demanding schedule, to be here with us today in witnessing another historic events in the history of ICP implementation in Malaysia.
  1. Also, a big thank you to Pharmaniaga for hosting this Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Collaboration between TDA, Pharmaniaga and Hilleman Lab towards the establishment of Halal Vaccine manufacturing initiative leveraging on the Industrial Collaboration Program (ICP). This initiative, is not only advantageous for the industry, but will benefit the nation as a whole.
  1. This event marks another milestone in halal vaccines initiative in Malaysia leveraging on the Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP) where an MoC is inked between Technology Depository Agency (TDA) with Pharmaniaga and Hilleman Laboratories. We are aware that halal vaccine is currently in high demand however, we are facing challenges for us to come out with a product that will comply with the halal standard set by JAKIM.
  1. Therefore, I’m sure that this will be a fruitful collaboration between Malaysia (represented by TDA and Pharmaniaga) and India (represented by Hilleman Labs) leveraging on ICP and we already seeing this ties as enabler for comprehensive strategic partnership in the future.We hope, the collaboration we ink today will become a starting point for a successful and prosperous journey with commitment from the parties involved to look into the details in serving the needs of the country and ummah.
  1. As you may have known, Technology Depository Agency (TDA) is an agency established in 2015, under the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF) as the implementer of Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP) Policy and Guidelines. The implementation of ICP is envisioned to bring benefits to the development of the country, by contributing to the development and strengthening of skills, capabilities, capacities, marketing and export potential, not limited to industries, but also to academic sector.
  1. It is envisaged that significant positive impacts of ICP implementation will be achieved through continuous support from the Government. Further, the effort of maximizing the usage of local content, to reduce dependency on foreign countries will significantly reduce the outflow of Malaysian currency; besides stimulating the Transfer of Technology(ToT) and strategic knowledge development. TDA is currently embedding the needs from various strategic sectors in Malaysia in support of local industry development as part of the ICP Management Framework. Through the ICP arrangement, which is practiced worldwide, TDA is looking into possibilities to become the platform for market access in positioning local products in international market.
  1. In addition, cooperation in research projects through ICP between local and international industry players would promote establishment of world-class centre on advanced technologies in the identified sectors aimed to fulfil strategic needs of the nation. The ICP’s approachesmay provide opportunities to develop indigenous technologies, capacity and ability to independently developed further in particular sector as well as offer expanded industry local development. In a nut shell, the ICP arrangement is envisaged as another step towards deepening the bilateral ties between Malaysia and foreign countries by creating more business opportunities and a win-win situation through establishment of spin-off activities in various sectors.
  1. Following the approval by the Malaysian ICP Executive Committee’s (MIEC) on 17thAugust 2017, TDA is mandated to facilitate and a program with Pharmaniaga and Hilleman Labs on development of Halal Vaccine manufacturing in Malaysia. TDA will facilitate the placement and positioning for this halal vaccine establishment in the market through ICP platform. This facilitation includes technology acquisition and support of local based product development in the areas of human capital development, advanced vaccine (R&D&C) services, fill & finish, distributions and social responsibilities.
  1. Apart from Malaysia, other countries including Turkey and South Korea have benefited from ICP or other similar activities contributing to their local industry development. TDA believes that Malaysia would attain similar or even greater achievements from this ICP implementation provided every stakeholder put their synergy together in ensuring ‘value of money’ on every RM we spent on the procurement. TDA will always be pro-active in facilitating our local industry players to work hand-to-hand with globally renowned OEMs and quantum leap them in participating global supply chain.
  1. This collaboration is the first of its kind in Malaysia.TDA is proud to sign this Memorandum of Collaboration (MOC) with Hilleman Lab and Pharmaniaga Berhad for the establishment of Halal Vaccine in Malaysia. The MOCs partners will be working together in developing and manufacturing vaccines that can be incorporated into Malaysia’s National Immunization Programs (NIP).

Ladies and Gentlemen

  1. May I take this opportunity again to express my deepest appreciation to Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, and every stakeholder that is presence in this event. We are truly glad undertaking this ICP mandate knowing to have full supports from all of you. I would like also to congratulate Pharmaniaga team whom have been working hard for the past weeks in ensuring the successful of today’s event.

Thank you.

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