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TDA and MOF Live! Webinar

29 Jul 2021

TDA and MOF Live! Webinar was held yesterday as part of our engagement with ministries and strategic agencies aiming to give an in-depth understanding of the Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP).

The session was kicked off with a presentation by YM Raja Khairul Anuar Raja Abd. Karim, Principal Assistant Secretary of Ministry of Finance detailing observations and way forward of 5-years ICP implementation from the perspective of procuring agencies.

His presentation covered the benefits of implementing ICP and the impact it brought to our nation in terms of assisting the development of the economy, technology, and industry. Along the way, Raja Khairul also mentioned some of the challenges and how collaboration between government agencies is crucial to maximizing the value-added elements brought by ICP.

The webinar was continued by YBrs. Dr. Sharoul Jambari, the CEO of TDA with his presentation on three (3) strategies of which ICP's unique capabilities can assist and support the government's Pelan Pemulihan Negara (PPN). The first strategy is to leverage ICP to provide job opportunities, upskilling and reskilling programs as ICP projects. Secondly, ICP can also be leveraged to assist capacity and capabilities development of local SMEs. Thirdly, Dr. Sharoul proposed a strategic collaboration between government agencies to consolidate our initiatives to expedite national development.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all 238 participants for your support and attention during our webinar and we hope that more will join us for our next session.

Keep an eye for our next webinar and stay tuned on our social media for updates and latest information.

Author:Wan Nuraryna Syahira Mohd Marzuki 
Wan Nuraryna Syahira Mohd Marzuki
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