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TDA & Industry Hi-Tea 2019

17 Dec 2019

Putrajaya, 17 Dec - Today, TDA held the TDA & Industry Hi-Tea 2019 to close the year on a humble note.

The event gathered approximately 100 representatives from various organizations ranging from OEMs, higher learning institutes, government agencies and others.

The main objective of this event is to bring key industry players who had involved and contributed towards the success of implementing ICP.

“A Looking Glass Into The Future Of Industrial Collaboration Programme Initiative” was chosen as the theme to emphasize on the embarkment into the new decade that it 2020.

The Keynote Address which was delivered by the guest of honour, Dato' Mohd Zafir Ibrahim from MoF emphasized that in order ICP to be at its maximum potential, all stakeholders must work together to ensure that for each and every Ringgit spent, there will be a more or equivalent value-added return.

TDA has prepared two presentations and a forum session as food for thoughts.

Dr. Sharoul Jambari of TDA presented on the potential benefits of Data Acquisition from ICP to be imbedded to big data analytics that could produce insightful information for strategic decision making.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nor Azlina Binti Ariffin from MESTECC shared her experience and presentation regarding Malaysia future technology demands and requirements. She explained the current pillars of focus area in Malaysia on research, development and commercialization and also the gap analysis in Malaysia technology adaptation.

The forum session which came after discussed the achievements and benefits of implementing ICP in Malaysia. The moderator, En. Noowawi MD Yasin came with engaging questions to the panelists invited. They were En. Almalik Faizal from AAT, Ir. Dr. Azman Senin from UniKL MIDI, Dr. Azlina Ariffin from MESTECC and Dato' Zailani himself from TDA.

Congratulations to all that made this event a successful one. Well done!

Author:Ahmad Raziz Rashid 
Ahmad Raziz Rashid
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