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15 Nov 2015

November 2015 – UniKL in collaboration with Bombardier and Poly-M completes an ergonomic design courses at Institute of Product Design and Manufacturing (IPROM) with three impressive prototype designs.

The fourteen(14) weeks industrial design course is conducted by Poly-M and Bombardier to expose students and UniKL lecturers with real industrial experience in designing ergonomic control consoles, especially in train control operation.

Eighteen(18) students with three(3) supervising lecturers involved in the course started with individual design concept, followed by the exposure of industrial design standard, as well as design philosophy and practices. The fourteen(14) week course requires students to accomplish three(3) credit hours of lectures and finish off with one to one scaled model of control consoles.

A small ceremony held at IPROM in Cheras to mark an end of the program, three(3) design consoles namely Enviro, Consola and MOC were showcased to invitees among others from TDA, MRT Corp, Bombardier and Poly-M.

On behalf of Tda, Jefiena Offset Program Director for MRT project,, congratulates and thanks UniKL, Bombadier& Poly-M for their commitments to the national development effort.



UniKL-Bombardier Completes Ergonomic Design Course

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