What is TDA?

TDA is an entity established under the prerogative of Ministry of Finance (MOF) mandated as the custodian to operationalize the Malaysian Industrial Collaboration Program (ICP) Management Framework. As the Malaysia ICP Authority, TDA is to monitor, analyse and manage all ICP implementation in Malaysia.

Let's hear what they say about ICP

The impact of ICP implementation from the Point of View of the recipient itself.

Projek ICP: Jimah East Power

Program ICP bagi Projek Stesen Janakuasa 3B ini merangkumi pemindahan teknologi daripada TESSC kepada JEP, TNB REMACO dan TNB ILSAS dalam usaha untuk membangunkan kepakaran tempatan melalui latihan simulator di Stesen Janakuasa Tuanku Muhriz. Melalui program ini, TESSC perlu untuk membekalkan simulator, pemindahan teknologi dan pengetahuan, serta latihan pembangunan kapasiti kepada universiti dan institutsi latihan tempatan.

What is Performance based contracting?

Explore how Performance Based Contracting (PBC) works and its use in Malaysia. PBC is a type of contract where payment depends on results achieved, not just effort.

boosting Malaysia's economy through ICP

We are pleased to share our latest podcast episode with @podaboom, featuring Dr. Sharoul Jambari, Chief Executive Officer of TDA Berhad, and Mr. Patrick Hwang Chee Leong, Project Director of Setia Utama LRT3 Sdn Bhd. This episode delves into boosting Malaysia’s economy through the Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP), providing insights that we believe will be valuable to everyone.