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Welcoming Remarks by Dato' Zailani Safari at GOCA APAC 2017

09 Aug 2018

Welcoming Remarks for
GOCA Opening Ceremony, 9 am, 27 March 2017
by YBhg Dato’ Zailani Safari, Chief Executive Officer,
Technology Depository Agency Berhad (TDA)

Global Offset and Countertrade Association (G.O.C.A) Asia Pacific Conference 2017, GOCA APAC 2017
26 – 29 March 2017, The Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur
Theme:ICP: Tool for Knowledge Based Economy and Industrial Development


The Honourable Yang Berhormat (YB) Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani, Finance Minister II, Ministry of Finance, Malaysia

The Honourable Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Irwan Serigar bin Abdullah,
Secretary General of Treasury, Ministry of Finance, Malaysia

Mr. Cary F. Viktor, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Global Offset and Countertrade Association (GOCA)

Mr. Dov Hyman, Lead Conference Host, GOCA

Distinguished Members from the Global Offset and Countertrade Association (GOCA)

Secretary Generals, Senior Government Officials & Industry Leaders

Distinguished Speakers, Panelists from Local and Abroad

Partners, Our Corporate Sponsors, and Supporting Organisations

Fellow Participants, Members of the Media

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen

  1. It gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone to the Global Offset and Countertrade Association, Asia Pacific Conference 2017 (GOCA APAC 2017), with the theme: ICP: Tool for Knowledge Based Economy and Industrial Development.
  1. I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Honourable Datuk Seri Johari bin Abdul Ghani, for spending his time with all of us here, for the opening ceremony of this conference. Your presence here Sir, is a testament to the commitment of the Ministry and your good self, in promoting the Offset and Countertrade agenda, also known as Industrial Collaboration Program (ICP), in Malaysia.
  1. To all of our participants, members of GOCA, I say Selamat Datang – a warm welcome to Malaysia and to GOCA APAC 2017, its first appearance in this region, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As the hosting country, and part of the organizing committee, we would like to record our greatest appreciation to GOCA for giving us this opportunity. We are indeed truly honoured. To our delegates from abroad, I hope you had a safe and pleasant journey coming to Kuala Lumpur.
  1. My appreciation goes to our main sponsor, the Ministry of Finance Malaysia as well as GOCA, the main secretariat for this conference, and to our event sponsors both foreign and local, for your kind and generous support.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

(Why we call it Industrial Collaboration Program, ICP)

  1. Countertrade and offset activities has been in Malaysia since the 1980s. At that time, the activities focused more on the defense-related sectors. Later in 2004, the Government of Malaysia began its first commercial countertrade program, which then led to the expansion of the activity – to support the local industry in developing indigenous technology at the same time contributing to the growth of the nation’s economy.
  1. In 2011, the Government of Malaysia issued a directive that made it compulsory for national procurements of certain threshold to include elements of countertrade and offset. Today, these activities are what we call the Industrial Collaboration Program or ICP. With its big contribution to developing a knowledge based economy, the term ICP brings about a conducive environment for its players to collaborate and achieve a common goal and the best outcome for all.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

(1st GOCA in Asia Pacific)

  1. The timing for Malaysia to host GOCA APAC 2017 could not be more perfect. Since the implementation of ICP in 2011, we have managed to trigger a total of 70 ICP programs from various Government procurement worth about RM70 billion, until 2020. Moving forward, it is targeted that these ICP projects will create more than RM68 billions of economic return to the country.
  1. With this rapid progress of ICP in the country, and given this opportunity of co-hosting GOCA APAC 2017, we believe that it would be the best opportunity for Malaysia to showcase its success stories and best practices to the global players, in successfully implementing ICPs, at the same time optimizing economic returns.
  1. The conference is also the best platform for countertrade and offset practitioners from around the world, to share their knowledge and expertise – in order to have a more impactful and systematic implementation of Countertrade and Offset, in the region.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

  1. Having successfully implemented Industrial Collaboration Programs (ICPs) is one of the reasons why Malaysia was chosen to host GOCA APAC 2017. This portrays the commitment shown by the Government of Malaysia in its efforts to further develop and contribute to the improvements of ICPs, countertrade and offset activities, sharing the same aspiration as GOCA.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

(Contents of the Conference)

  1. During the next two days, we will engage in a number of topics on the current practice of countertrade, offset and ICPs, its challenges and opportunities, best practices as well as sharing of success stories. Let me briefly give you a walk through to the conference agenda. After our opening ceremony, we will stop for a quick break before we continue with the first panel session, from the hosting country, Malaysia. The session will be moderated by the Deputy Secretary General of Ministry of Finance Malaysia, The Honourable Datuk Seri Hashmuddin Mohammad, with several panelists consisting of policy makers and industry players.
  1. After this panel session will be a speech from GOCA main secretariat, Mr. Cary Viktor, the Chairman of GOCA. We will then continue with a presentation from South Korea, India, Australia, Turkey, as well as speakers representing the industry; to name a few – Safran, DCNS, Siemens, Thales and CRRC.
  1. On the second day of the conference, our topics will focus more on the evolving era of technology and how it affects the implementation of countertrade and offset. We will start our second day with a panel session discussing the notion of Cyber Security, where I will be moderating the discussion on the future of Industrial Partnership from the Policy Makers’ viewpoint, comprising of panelists from Colombia, Malaysia, Norway, Turkey, UAE and Oman. Next we will break for lunch before we continue with presentations from Japan, UAE, and Indonesia. And to wrap up GOCA Asia Pacific Conference 2017, we will be taking you for the closing dinner in Putrajaya, the Federal Government’s Administrative capital of Malaysia.
  1. As for the exhibition being held currently, it is to provide the avenue for industry players in this region to showcase their capabilities as well as expand their contacts with countertrade and offset practitioners from around the world, gathered here today. Some of the exhibitors include; BAE Systems, CRRC, Thales, Hewlett Packet (HP), Boustead Heavy Industries, DK Composite, Global Turbine Asia, together with our main sponsor, the Ministry of Finance Malaysia.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

(Expected Outcomes and Conclusion)

  1. With more than 180 participants from both local and international attending this conference, is indeed heartening to note the interest and enthusiasm displayed by the huge presence of representatives from all the players, as well as the lineup of speakers and panelists which I have briefly shared earlier. I am sure that a wealth of ideas will emerge out of your discussions at this Conference.
  1. We truly hope that all the participants will take this opportunity at GOCA APAC 2017, to mingle and expand your network with each other. I wish to also share here that, for the benefit of all participants, the organizing committee has prepared an additional session on the third day, 29th of March 2017, for those who wish to meet up and discuss further.
  1. Technology Depository Agency Berhad (TDA), as the responsible ICP monitoring agency in Malaysia, with the support of the Government, will continue to collaborate with all the stakeholders, to achieve the desired goals of promoting ICP as the tool for knowledge based economy and industrial development.
  1. With that, I wish everyone a very productive and successful conference and I hope you have an enjoyable stay here in Kuala Lumpur.

Thank you.

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