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Working Visit to UniKL MIMET

14 Sep 2020

MARDEP, 14 Sept 2020- TDA made a working visit to UniKL MIMET which was led by Pn. Marsitah Mansor , Head of Industry Outreach to witness the launching of Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) programme for the 3rd Batch. The programme was officiated by Pn. Anis Waheeda, Marine Officer.

ETO training is a professional certification programme managed by TDA, where all participants have to complete two types of training consisting of four (4) technical courses and nine (9) modular courses, followed by a collection of 12 months sea time.

By the end of the programme, 20 participants will be certified with a Certificate of Competency (CoC) class 3 which will be provided by the Marine Department Of Malaysia (MARDEP).

The expected outcome from this programme is to flood the market with ETO to fulfill the requirement of IMO's regulation (The Manila Amendments) where all ships with a minimum power of 750 kw to be served by one certified ETOs.

This initiative is to help MOT through MARDEP in achieving 2 of the target stated in MSMP (Malaysia Shipping Master Plan 2017-2022), which are 90% of Malaysia vessel manned by Malaysian contributes to another target which is the reduction of COR (Certificate of Recognition) issuance for foreign workers.

Author:Wan Nuraryna Syahira Mohd Marzuki 
Wan Nuraryna Syahira Mohd Marzuki
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