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TDA is all about being a strategic collaboration partner to give value add elements for the benefit of national economy and technology growth through Industrial Collaboration Programmes (ICP).
We took the spirit of ICP into designing our Corporate Social Responsibility activities and pledge ourselves to always be on the frontline of giving back to the community.

This year our Corporate Social Responsibility activities are focused to help underprivileged communities to assist them in their daily lives, to ease their hardship and to provide assistance where needed.

As an agency under the Ministry of Finance, we also took this opportunity to be an instrument of gathering information and feedback from the community back to the ministry.

We delved into the root causes of their hardship and understand how to address those directly.

Our aim is to assist the Ministry of Finance into designing relief packages that are truly capable of giving impactful outcomes to the people.

In the end, we believe that by helping those that are in need, we are also helping the nation itself. 
Facilitating investments and human resource
development collaborations.
Strategic R&D&C collaborations; and
Encouraging technology & know-how development;
Establishing a sustainable Malaysian Industrial,
Economic and Technological base;
Maximising the usage of local contents;
Fostering strategic international partnership;
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